From us... to you! 

Freshly appeared in the transport sector, Chronospost is the first to offer the transport of fresh and frozen products in France. Very quickly the concept was able to develop, by modernizing their hubs and their depots. how does it happen ? Here is an example :  

Step 1 : 
Etape 1 Chronopost

Somewhere in France, a customer decides to place an order (if it is placed before 12 p.m., it can be shipped the same day)

2nd step  : 

A refrigerated truck passes once a day to pick up parcels. The product is scanned, and its temperature is taken, to ensure that the cold chain is respected. 

Etape 2 Chronopost
Etape 2.1 Chronopost
Step 3: 
Etape 3 Chronopost

In the evening, a truck (still refrigerated) picks up the parcels, including that of our dear customer, to take them to another sorting center, closer to that of the customer. A new temperature reading is then taken, before ending up in a delivery man's truck for the tour.

In general, the delivery of the package takes less than 24 hours, between departure from our warehouse and receipt by the customer!

Delivery costs in Metropolitan France

Concerned about the constraint of transport prices, we have selected Chronopost food because it is the most efficient carrier, respecting the cold chain, and the speed of delivery. Thereby  when your package is picked up by the carrier, it is stored in the agency in a refrigerated compartment before being transported to the destination agency. Then the delivery person puts the package in equipment containing the cold, with eutectic plates, maintaining the negative temperature until delivery, and this in less than 13h*.  

Today, thanks to our partner, we have been able to offer you a single transport rate, with the most intransigent constraints.   

*Delivery in less than 13 hours from shipment from the warehouse to its delivery point in 98% of cases.  


Thanks to our partnership with Chronopost food, we have a new delivery policy.